Solving Long Neglected Design Problems

OctoPOS is an amazing blend of human oriented design and data mining. It aims to empower small and medium sized retail stores to cope up with the challenges they face regarding inventory management, credit sales management, supply chain management, performing sale transactions and forecasting sales based on consumer trends.

Simple yet powerful POS System

The Solution

OctoPOS is a one stop shop for everything a retail merchant needs to run his business. Designed in the local language after detailed qualitative analysis this POS system is more effective than any other option available for this segment of the market. Machine learning and data mining lies in the core of this software and strengthen it to produce most relevant insights which facilitate merchants to make real time decisions on the go.

Eliminating information gaps

Data & Analytics produced from such a network of POS Systems can be really useful for government bodies and big FMCG companies. In essence, this POS can be a stepping stone for big data driven industrial symbiosis for the retail industry of Pakistan.

The Feedback!

"This is a king POS! if you pitch me today i’ll buy right away!"

Majid Ali, Owner of Bismilah general store

The Feedback!

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