Slack Bot for Remote Scrum Teams is a slack bot that enables remotely working teams to better execute their routine business operations. Primarily, it facilitates agile teams to keep track of their progress using simple commands on Slack. Furthermore, it generates logs and produces billable hours using time-sheets. We closely worked with Remoty’s team to produce a state-of-the-art design for their Slack Bot Dashboard.

Web interface design that speaks volumes about its success

The Solution

The global pandemic of covid-19 left many development teams at the mercy of work-from-home. Remoty facilitated such teams to work at comparable levels of productivity even during the pandemic. We designed the interface to be easy, simple and to the point. Many remotely working teams admired the design to be effortless and extremely effective. We enabled Scrum Masters to track the progress of their teams working remotely using simple commands instead of long meetings.

Using design to save time and increase productivity of remote teams

Progress tracking software and tools for gauging the work of teams collaborating remotely is a tiring thing to do. We designed a simple dashboard for a Slack Bot which can solve all such issues with simple commands and without using a huge stand-alone software to do the same. Remoty is extremely simple to use, you are required to add the bot to your slack team and use easy commands to get your things done automatically in the background.

The Feedback!

"Our journey with ENOU has been amazing! This is perhaps the only company which actually understood the needs of our customers. Their designs far exceeded our expectations!"

Mahad Ahmed - CEO, Remoty

The Feedback!

Mahad Ahmed - CEO, Remoty

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