The Best Place to Stay, When in Al Ula

Every year the holy city of Medina welcomes millions of guests from throughout the world. Al Ula is a historically rich neighbor of this city. Tourists from all over the world often find themselves in Al Ula not just to spend the weekend but to taste the real flavor of the Arabic Culture. To provide a global outreach to this beautiful resort in the heart of Al Ula we inhaled the Saudi culture and produced a state of the art website accompanied with an online hotel room reservation system.

Design elements inspired by the rich Saudi culture

The Solution

During our UX research phase we encountered extremely intricate patterns of colossal cultural significance. We used these patterns and transformed them into beautiful design patterns and achieved an interesting connection between the digital and physical world. The rich culture of the Saudi Arabia reflects through our design and is praised by many including the Royal Commission for Al-Ula.

Technology and Hospitality

The state of the art hotel management system empowered the management of the Sahary Al Ula Resort to manage all business procedures from a simple to use dashboard. We designed dedicated dashboards for receptionists, managers, board of directors and hospitality partners. Moreover, frequent guests also get a dedicated dashboard which increases the customer retention rates.

The Feedback!

"It was a brilliant experience of working with ENOU. They worked with us to produce a software worthy of the resort's historical significance."

Jamal Al Joheni - Product Manager

The Feedback!

Jamal Al Joheni - Product Manager

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