Distributed Economy Model for Home-chefs

BIJI is a distributing economy model for the home cooked food industry of Pakistan. This startup strives for uplifting the home-chefs community using modern technology. BIJI is recognized by MIT Enterprise Forum, HERSELF (PITB) and Women Innovation Network (PCSW). We worked with their founder to understand their problem and create solutions to better serve their mission.

Mobile applications for customers, home-chefs and riders

The Solution

We designed engaging and user-friendly interfaces for BIJI’s customers, home-chefs and riders. Followed by fast and reliable mobile application with effective use of Google maps and scheduling algorithms. Moreover, we assisted them in developing their brand identity. Since 2018, BIJI has expanded and continued serving their sole purpose. Our work has enabled BIJI to continue work for women empowerment and to serve their customers with healthy food.

Harnessing the power of design and optimization algorithms

Being a startup BIJI had ever-changing requirements and thus was one of the most cumbersome projects as far as change management is concerned. We built, perfected and re-built optimization algorithms for effective scheduling and assigning of orders generated by their network of users. Furthermore, we kept the design clean and simple to provide users a sense of confidence when using our software.

The Feedback!

"If you are a startup looking for a technology consultation service or software development services then ENOU Labs’ team is your go-to team. They are masters at their art and listen to your problems with keen interest to come up with solutions that exceed your expectations. ENOU Labs’ after sale services are commendable."

Fatimah Zafar - Co-founder BIJI

The Feedback!

Fatimah Zafar - Co-founder BIJI

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