Shipments Made Easier With Trilla!

Trilla is a distributed economy model aiming to digitize the road based cargo industry of the Middle-east. Starting from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Trilla will empower local cargo service providers to acquire customers in their regions of operation using a smart digital ecosystem. Trilla is not limited to companies and provides an equal opportunity to sole proprietors to up their game.

User interface design that speaks volumes about its success

The Solution

We designed menial dashboards and abstracted complex calculations using attractive design elements. A dedicated dashboard for freight managers and state-of-the-art mobile applications for drivers and end users make it a complete package. We have made the shipping experience for shippers, drivers and freight managers more simple, elegant, safe, secure and efficient than ever before. We proved what we believed that design is a real game changer.

Technology in the transportation industry

Recently the long forgotten and forsaken transportation industry has attracted attention of a lot of investors globally. Modern technologies such as machine learning, data mining and artificial intelligence have strengthened the core of this industry. We through our product Trilla stand tall in this trend. Our product is scale-able to other markets outside the middle east. Trilla is just a tip of the iceberg and we are all set to dive deep.

The Feedback!

"Team ENOU is a well balanced team. With them we never had to worry about hiring more people. They are self sufficient in their art and we absolutely admire this."

Omer Hafiz - Product Manager

The Feedback!

omer hafiz

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