Simple Fix for Complex Logistics Problems

Established in the 1980s, Salmans Corporation Private Limited has a country-wide network of sales agents, distributors, wholesalers, and partner departmental stores. Everyday their network is growing rapidly. In conversation with Salmans Managing Director we figured that there is a huge potential for implementation of a technology based solution to enhance their current throughput.

Minimal and user friendly interface to assist sales agents

The Solution

We designed a simple user interface for sales agents, distributors and wholesalers keeping in mind their limited technical prowess. Furthermore, we used machine learning algorithms and data mining techniques to make the best use of the data produced and triggered by all end-points. Using geo-fencing and geo-location tagging we implemented an automatic attendance system, using approximation techniques we designed a scheduling system for optimal distribution routes and thus helped the Business Intelligence unit of Salmans corporation to prepare necessary policies to get maximum output from their employees.

Using modern tech to amplify human resource efforts

By introducing a custom designed technology based solution we identified and highlighted the inconsistencies in their existing pen-and-paper based reporting systems. We consulted them to truncate their unnecessary gaps and lags in their distribution processes. Moreover, enabled the decision making unit to analyse the performance of their sales force in real time.

The Feedback!

"ENOU Lab’s team is very congenial and works above and beyond what is expected of them. We are very pleased to have worked with them in improving our logistical issues. Their ERP system is amazing and our sales team loves it."

Arif Mahmood, IT Advisor to Managing Director

The Feedback!

Arif Mahmood, IT Advisor to Managing Director

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