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Hamid M. Chishty
October 2020

VRCricket20 | The Game Changing Cricket Simulator

We believe video gaming experiences over the years have inculcated a strong desire in us to replicate the real world. Advancements in the Virtual Reality are making this dream a reality.We all fantasize about what would it feel like to face Brett Lee in a pressure situation? The VRCricket20 simulator helps you experience it.

The VRCricket20 game is a cricket simulator made for cricket professionals, cricket learners, and aspirants to play and practice the game in a VR environment.

Muhammad Hadi, one of the key contributor of the VRCricket20, is an old friend of mine. We started together in university and his dedication inspires me a lot. While discussing his motivation behind building this game he told me that, "This game is a problem solver. Millions of cricket players practice in the nets to be well prepared for their international career. Our team has made it really easy for them. We are simulating the real world cricket and empowering cricketers to customize everything according to their choice - from bowling style to pace of the delivery - everything is customizable. You work on your weaknesses and improve on the go."

This project has brought the entire cricket scene from big stadiums to your very own TV Lounges. With advancements in the field of Virtual Reality I can envisage huge success of VRCricket20 and wish all the very best to the entire team. VRCricket20 comprises real bat physics, customizable batting experiences, real-time replays and mistake analysis. Its a complete package for anyone willing to improve their cricketing skill.

At a time when emerging technologies are redefining the future, ENOU Labs is ready to harness the power of technology and become more innovative and disruptive. Our experts from the fields of emerging technologies, work with teams from all over the globe to deliver the best experience of offshore custom software development. It gives me immense pleasure to see our folks experimenting with Virtual & Augmented reality and developing real world solutions for a wide range of audience.

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Hamid Mukhtar Image
Hamid M. Chishty

Hamid works with a decentralized network of offshore teams and makes sure everything stays on-point. He likes to talk about his experiences with offshore collaborations and general trends of international software development scene.

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