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September 2020

How to Recover old WordPress files from Xampp


Working as a website designer, particularly playing around with WordPress gets really easy when tools like Xampp & Wamp are available to set things up on localhost, but evidently, in case of emergency, there is no as such way of backing up your files (which is, in this case, is your website), except exporting your databases and manually copying WordPress folder.

WordPress files in Xampp

Now at times, your Operating System messes up and you lose your Xampp server but keep having that particular Xampp folder which carries your old data. Now, probably your first instinct would be to go and copy your htdocs that basically carries your WordPress files, but the question is, does that really solves the issue? What about your database files. This where the genius inside us starts to lose its cool.

WordPress Databases

Probably in MySQL folder in Xampp, the databases are not .sql format, but rather in the form of tables and metadata that combined forms a .sql file. Now, once after messing my all files up, I searched ways and ways of exporting the .sql file. One most prominent way of doing so is firing up a command in terminal keeping the MySQL folder open that exports the database in .sql format into the destination folder. Now, since I myself a pro in messing OS files, I repeated this recovery step so many times that I found a pretty cool way to make your old Xampp functional, that doesn’t require you to be a tech junkie, but just being aware of simple copy/paste options.

So the first step is to download your New Xampp. Click Here to Download Now Once you have downloaded your new Xampp, install it and sit tight. Once you are done with it perform the below-given steps.

WordPress Data Recovery Steps

Stop your Apache and MySql service from Xampp terminal.

1. Go to your newly Xampp folder and then to MySQL folder and copy these three files ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1, ib_data1 and back them up.

2. Go to your old Xampp folder copy your htdocs and paste it back to your new Xampp and replace all your files.

3. Now come back to your old Xampp folder, open MySQL, copy the data folder inside and paste it back to the same location in new Xampp. Now one thing to notice here is you have partially moved your ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1, ib_data1 from the old Xampp to the new Xampp but backup files are still the same.

4. Go Back to your old Xampp, in MySQL, copy those three files, and replace them with newly installed Xampp backup folder files.

5. Restart your Xampp server and probably if you have done everything right, you are good to go.

Now hurry up, open your browser and check local host files, it will definitely work. Now you can take relief. If this blog really helped you in any way, please don’t forget to help the large WordPress community out there by sharing this article. For more exciting news from the Enou Updates, please subscribe to our newsletter today! Have a nice day.

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Osama Asif

Osama Asif is Engineering Lead at ENOU. He talks about software development and often shares his practices and views about emerging technologies.

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